Friday, June 13, 2008

So read this one instead ok?

Seriously, I don't want to delete the last post because frankly this is my journal and that's how I felt at the time and what just poured out of me. But it's also kinda embarrassing and really uncharacteristic of me so just read this one instead ok?

Yesterday was alright. I was sort of bored, but tired so I decided not to workout. I realized I didn't give myself any time off after my race so though I was due. It might be tough to finish my monthly goals, but I wasn't just being lazy. I think I needed a break. So I did some packing for the weekend, some cleaning. blah blah. mostly wasted the night (that's what it feels like when I don't work out, I know it's not a waste though).

We're going home for a variety of reasons. First it's father's day. Gotta do some visiting with my mom and dad and just hang out and talk since that's what we do best. They'll offer me a cooler and mom gets sort of excited to have a drink with me sometimes. She doesn't like beer and neither do I, so rarely drinks during the week (sometimes a glass of wine maybe) but feels like having a cooler would be a treat, but doesn't want to do it alone. But she's gonna have to. I'm gonna decline. It's weird that I'm embarrassed to tell my parents that I don't drink any more isn't it? I just think they'll jump to the pregnant conclusion or something. (not that they're big drinkers or anything at all).

Anyway, then hubby's playing slow pitch with his cousin's team in the town my parents live in. So depending on their schedule we'll stick around town for it. (I'll be doing my long run saturday morning I believe, unless I golf with my folks, weather dependant). Saturday afternoon and supper is my nephew's birthday party (6th I think) and they live out in the country, 10 minutes away from my folks (it's the in-laws now). So we'll be having burgers out there. I'm not going to have any chips and I know they're gonna be there. I think I'll bring home some cherries and protein bars for myself, both better treats anyway. With my eating this week (all good food, but seriously, not stopping when I'm full, eating because it tastes good etc. bad bad) I'm gonna try to not have any cheats this weekend. Scratch that. I won't have any. (no trying, only doing. right Yoda?) Granted I'll be eating whatever meals are prepared by others (burgers, etc) that I might not eat otherwise, but portions and snacks will be controlled. Just realized there will be birthday cake. I'll have 1 bite to not be rude if I have to get served some but then pawn it off on hubby, or maybe the dog. She'll love it.

Sunday is the baptism of my neice and SIL has asked me to take pictures. I will be wearing the pencil skirt and polka dot shirt from the fashion show for the shower. Sweet. I definately lost some girth since then because it is fitting much nicer now. Should be motivation to keep the eating in check prior to that right?

Then of course it's father's day so some visiting and gift giving and whatever with the in-laws. Hubby and BIL got a pocket bike for FIL so I'm sure that will be entertaining (plus they each have one, so 3 out at the farm, I might read my new book...) Then it's home time. Depending when we get home I might be able to get a TT workout in Sunday night. But the only concrete plans are the long run at one point. Oh and of course sticking to a good food plan!

PS - WI today, 136.6. So that's up 0.8 from last friday, 0.4 from last thursday, but down from yesterday. so interesting. It's still a good number and what with donut fest sunday and then portion distortion all week, I'm quite happy. But let's move past that 6 now shall we?


eurydice said...

I just wanted to say that I read this one and didn't read the other one! I totally skipped it :o) Hope you have a good weekend at home.

Jen said...

Hope you have a good weekend!!! It sounds like you have a great plan!!!!

marie said...

Don't delete the other post.

Shows that you're human and perhaps someone out there can give you the perspective you need.

Being the forever single woman, I can't and I'm sorry.

But I admire your courage and strength to share :)

MizFit said...

I am in for the DONT DELETE.

I never do on my personal blog.

happy weekending!


Angie All The Way said...

I did read your other post and I think that you did a great job at explaining a complicated and difficult situation which shows that you have amazing perspective on what hubby must be going through in his mind sometimes. I imagine that's soo hard when you dont really feel like he can do the same for you. YOu have a heavy load on you to function as a couple having OCD. I think I've said it before, but you are quite amazing and patient to have worked your way through it all the way to this point. You are human and you are a woman and feeling lonely and like you need attention from him can't be put second to the OCD all the time and that's fair. You feel the way you feel and expressing it so honestly is to be commended.

I hope hubby keeps up the hugs, kisses and I love yous. It sounds like he's listening :)

Sagan Morrow said...

Hope you're feeling better:) Have an excellent rest of the weekend!

Colette said...

I hope your weekend was great. I am sure your mom likes the "time" with you more than the coolers. Kudo's to you for thinking to bring the cherries and power bars. You are one smart cookie thats for sure.

CaRoLyN said...

first of all, I think it's great that you can come on here and pour it all out because otherwise, would you really call up a friend to talk about what's going on with you and hubby? Probably not. I think it's good to talk about it and get it all out in the open. I always find that once I talk it out, my perspective changes and I'm able to see things for what they really are instead of how they are when my emotions are on fire.
Sometimes I feel like Scott and I don't make each other a priority too. Sometimes it feels like we get so wrapped up in day to day living that we barely even look at each other anymore. So lately we have been doing little things to show interest in each other and we've been planning a lot more "us" time. I think they key for us is to plan it in advance since we are both so busy all the time. If we plan a dinner and movie night, we write it on the calendar and make it a priority, otherwise, we'd never get any alone time.
Anyway let me know what you think about the book, if you've started reading. Hopefully it will be as helpful to your marriage as it was to mine. :)