Thursday, June 12, 2008

OMG enough drama

Boo drama. yay kick ass!

Yesterday I did my TT workout along with the intervals. I did 30:90s. Not too bad. I did feel recovered after a minute, so for the last 30 seconds of "recovery" I jogged slowly instead of walking. It looked like this:

That's from this other program I found that I can use with my Garmin (SportTracks). It lets me export so that's cool, but the heart rate options are only average, not instantaneous. I probably need to work with it some more.

but it is another great graph showing a great workout. And it was raining during this so of course I felt extra cool. But also, you can feel dumb doing intervals. Like you have no idea what you're doing (pushing buttons on a watch help though). If there are people walking or jogging that see you, you'll be SPRINTING for 30 seconds and then walk, makes you look like you have no idea what pacing means and stuff. Then when you catch your breath you SPRINT again. funny.

The strength stuff was good. This was more lower body which I love working out. Single leg bridges or whatever they're called on a stability ball KILL ME! Plus lots of squats and lunges and stuff. Good stuff. Plus this plank sorta thing called Spiderman crawl. I did pushups with it, not supposed to really but I wanted to. It also killed me. But my whole workout (strength and run) was done in less than an hour. Oh yeah.

Looking at those goals for the month, I'm done 5/12 of both TT and HIIT. 1/4 long runs, 3/8 other and 5/10 veggie meals. It's gonna be a tight fit to get all the TT and HIIT in. 3 next week, 3 the week after and then 1 more somewhere. I guess I could do it tonight depending how I feel. I was gonna take a day off. I'm just feeling tired lately. Thought maybe a break would be good. But I know I won't workout friday since we're going home to see the fams and then saturday I want to do a long run and that's probably all. Sunday might be nothing as well, but it might be an other or a TT depending when we come home. So maybe I'll plan on doing a workout tonight. The scale was unkind this morning (well more like I was eating too much all week and the scale reflected that, it was just being honest) showing 137.0 again. Up a pound more or less. See what a good job on thursday can do for me. (It is so sad that just 1 good day really can make me lose. Imagine if I had 7 good days/week?)

And when I say bad day, I just have been having too big of portions. Still good food. Just an extra apple as a snack, and an extra glass of milk with supper. (and yes I get enough calcium and enough fruits with out these extras)

Guess what else I did yesterday? Hubby had ball and instead of going to watch after my jog (it was raining anyway plus I didn't want to waste the rest of the night). So I cooked! I hoped on this pumpkin wagon (yes I know I'm late) and tried making some pumpkin bread. I don't like pumpkin but I thought it would be nice to bring home for the parents this weekend. But I might have screwed it up. I baked it the appropriate time but I thought it was a little bit undercooked. So I turned the oven off and left it in the oven and went to bed. I thought it might get a bit dry. But no. Looked this morning, bottom sort of wet. Ok makes sense. But the bottom also has these black spots. Sorta reminds me of banana bread ya know? Like when there's sort of black patches where chunks of banana were or something? (I don't really know what it was?) But it's only on the bottom, not the sides or top, and I picked a chunk off the corner and I couldn't see it in the middle. So in that way, it looks like mold. could it be spots of mold all over the bottom from leaving it in the oven over night? At first I was like, "no mold can't grow that fast!" but then I realized it's damp on the bottom, and it would have been warm for a lot of the night, so that could speed it up right? I took a picture of the bottom so I'll compare it to what it looks like after work so I can see if it spread at all. Oh well.

I also made a pot of coffee (was gonna do the instant coffee thing in the morning but we don't have any!) so I could have a cold mocha this morning. Sorta fun. (I don't actually like coffee, but I'm trying). I also made a cornflake bar thing. Basically rice krispie squares but with corn flakes. And I put cocoa in it and pressed mini chocolate chips in the top. It's crazy good, hopefully I can pawn it all off on family this weekend as it's completely unhealthy (and you say MARGARINE, and HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP? Hello trans fats and whatever bad thing HFCS gives you). Isn't that weird how rice krispie squares are considered a fairly "healthy" treat when it's actually got horrible ingredients?

Oh and I also made a chicken dish ready for the slow cooker this morning.

It was great. So productive. Maybe try and do something similar tonight. I love cooking and baking.

However tonight we're going to pack up for going home right after work. So we'll see.

Anyway, gonna go read some blogs and then get down to work!

(oh yeah, carolyn and jen, requesting that book from my library now! Do I have to make hubby read it because that's not gonna happen...)


Sagan Morrow said...

Could not help giggling about your pumpkin bread episode- what is it about pumpkin bread that makes it so darn difficult to work with?!

Great work on your exercising!!

tash said...

Graphs are cool. Mouldy pumpkin bread is not cool.

Sara said...

hmm interesting with the pumpkin bread!!

I love that graph - more reason for me to be jealous of your HRM!!

Oh and thanks for the Half-Fast link - I likey alot!

eurydice said...

i can't believe the bread would go moldy so fast! that's crazy!

Jen said...

Weird with the bread...I made the muffins and left them in a container on the counter...a few days later they were mouldy because they are so moist...hope yours isn't though!!!

Glad you are getting the book!! You could at least use it to guage what type your husband is!!!

And that graph is awesome, you are such a rockstar!!!

Re: your comment : I think of pampering yourself as a pretty selfish kind of "taking care of yourself" but yeah...when I was WAY obese I used to take really good care of my skin and since I started concerning myself with the inside I started losing focus on the outside...and well, I can be critical of my looks, so it can get me down if I stop pampering myself...but I certainly wouldn't die if I stopped!! not like if I stopped eating good or exercising!

Angie All The Way said...

I am still jealous of your garmin---it's officially on my xmas list since I don't think people would like it if I registered for it for our wedding lol

I was thinking the same thing during yesterday's HIIT workout in the gym. The plan is to be on and off in 20 mins and there you've got your 30-40 min steady state cardio goers taking it at the same pace the whole time and have been on there before me and I get on there and after 2 mins start givin' it like my arse is on fire for 2 mins, then slow like I'm catching my breath, then givin' it again and then I'm off before they are. I think I might have even caught a "smirk" or something from one or two of them because they would have thought I didn't know what I was doing. But here I am doing it and thinking I'm wise to the whole cardio thing and I'M the one who got the ins on what "really works" and they are suckers! lol