Monday, June 30, 2008


Weekend was ok. Turns out that even looking good wasn't enough to keep me really having fun. I told hubby that I don't really like it and he said that was ok as long as I don't ever hate it, because he still likes it and wants to come and stuff. It was too much ball, and when you're not playing, that's boring. So I was sitting in the hot sun, applying sunscreen LITERALLY every 15 minutes because I was still pinking up. Not drinking enough water, getting puffy and sweaty and looking less good so even that wasn't working for me.

Plus I don't really like the folks we were hanging out with. The guys are all fairly cool, but they're also really really different from me in some aspects so it's hard to completely get along (priorities are sooo different, these are drinking and driving men and think I'm crazy, boo). The girls just were really annoying. I think I don't like elementary school teachers. That's all they talk about. And it's soooo lame. About how everyone thinks it's so great to have the summer off, but they don't realize that they still have to work and organize for the next year and blah blah blah so it's really actually hard work. Mm-hmm. And I have to work every single day the same as when it's winter. And I don't get to leave at 3:30. Don't tell me it's so tough because you have to do marking and stuff still, because you're marking 30 spelling tests, it's a piece of cake. If you just worked until 5:30 every day (aka normal working hours) then you'd be home free. Plus then they just talk about little kid things and how their students were so cute and UGH! go away!

Anyway I was the driver as I'm the non-drinker. Pretty sure everyone thinks I'm pregnant. But it's so backwards, people ask if I'm drinking and I say no, then they ask why not. Like drinking is the default and you have to have a reason to opt out, instead of the other way around. whatever. If I can keep getting skinnier instead of fatter, they'll figure out I'm not preggers.

I am glad the weekend is over. I ate too much salt, drank too little water and now my rings don't fit. I'm at work, but I spent the morning at the mall (I had to pick up my race package for tomorrow!) I can definately tell I need a good detox based on trying on clothes. I did buy a dress for the couple weddings I've got this summer. It's alright. Looks good on, but I'm not that huge of a fan of the actual dress. I did try on dresses in le chateau and fell in love with this clearance satin strapless dress in teal. SO pretty. Still $50. But I loved it in medium on me, but it was sort of too big. The small fit great, but it looked like it needed some kind of altering (no idea what though) because there were wrinkles in certain areas. It was also a little bit too fancy. I saw a girl wear a dress like that at her university grad.

Oh, I also bought a sports bra that was on clearance at the Bay. still $35, but they were featuring it next to the race registration so I was suckered in. I probably don't really need a new sports bra right now but oh well. it's a pretty teal color. Maybe it will be the bra I can finally run in shirtless as this is supposed to be that summer!

To that end I had a 6" turkey breast sub with honey mustard, no cheese and all the veggies with a bunch of cherries for dessert. It's way way too hot for a run tonight I think. Plus the race in the morning so I don't want to do weights. Sort of sucks. Maybe I'll do a walk at least with the dog. Poor dog is probably baking right now. I filled up her kiddie pool but she doesn't like getting wet so she might not go in it. it's 34 degrees today. HOT!

Anyway, I need to finally get down to work. Luckily things are slow here so I'm doing thesis edits on the company dime. Sweet!


Sagan Morrow said...

About the drinking thing- my boyfriend doesn't drink because he believes its stupid and is a waste. Every time my friends hear about it, they get totally suspicious and demand to know why he doesn't drink and they say that its lame.

I don't drink all that often but I still enjoy it, and I respect that different people make their own decision on it. But I don't see why some people have a serious problem with non-drinkers. It just seems really ridiculous.

tash said...

People have such a problem with non drinkers and even more of a problem if the reason you are not drinking is because you have to drive. For some reason, people always try to pressure me to have "at least one" when I say I have to drive. It usually shuts them up when I say I lost of friend to a drunk driving accident, and because of that I would never even have a sip of alcohil and drive. But it is ridiculous that I have to remind people that drinking and driving kills in order for them to stop pressuring me to drink and drive.

Crystal said...

I have the same problem with smokers at my job. They ask you if you smoke and when I tell them no they ask me why. Hmm, which study should I pull out of my hat? I swear some of them think smoking is still what the cool kids do.

Sounds like it wasn't the best weekend fun you could have had. Elementary teachers really do have it pretty easy, wish I had my summers off!

Jenn said...

Hey Randi!
I hope you are recovering ok from the wisdom teeth surgery.

You are a real trooper with going to the games and being there for your hubby - thats very sweet of you.

I'm with you on not drinking. I don't understand why people NEED to drink to have fun. It isn't necessary. I don't drink very much because I just don't see the point to it.

I hope things are going well with you! Good luck with the race!!!

Angie All The Way said...

Yeah you're right about people thinking that drinking is the default and that you have to have a "reason" why you're not and have to express and explain it. I'm actually glad that our big group of friends broke up a bit and moved out west in that regard. It sucks not having "the gang" who gets together all the time, but that's what growing up is all about in my eyes. I love getting together with my really GOOD friends and making plans occasionally. Fewer and far between makes it more enjoyable.

(Sorry I've been MIA with the commenting - I have been having trouble keeping up with everything in blog land!)