Monday, June 2, 2008

Race Report for Moe's Triathlon - a learning experience

Before I begin - yay me! It was a good race! overall very happy.

Saturday night I packed my bag and hung out at home. Finally watched season finale of LOST. Went to bed. Hubby was out, and then came home at 3 in the morning and was loud. Then he woke up at 6 for some reason and had a shower and went on the computer. I woke up for all this.

Anyway, finally get up and get moving around 7:30. I had a bowl of cheerios for breakfast and a small energy bar thing (specifically designed for pre workouts.) packed the bike in the car and took off. I was very nervous going to the race, probably because I was alone and hubby couldn't distract me. I get to the place, park and get all my stuff to somewhere near where it was supposed to be. There were heats already started so I just felt in the way. But I was happy I knew how to set my stuff up this time with no nerves about that. Then went and got numbered and everything and hung out and waited. there's a local radio personality who was in my heat, in my lane and registered just before me. Sorta cool.

So I watched the transition area for awhile, figured out where to go etc etc. Then went in and got ready for my swim. The pool was not the best for a tri. It's usually a waterslide and wave pool, so it only had 2 wide lanes which they divided in 2, for 4 lanes, but only 1 divider. And then there were 5 people in each lane. So 20 of us in this tiny pool swimming together. At least this group was divided approximately by expected swim times. However I totally suck (well to be fair, I registered before I really timed myself) and estimated 15 minutes. When I was actually more like 10 minutes.

Anyway, they started us just after 9:00. staggered by 5 seconds or so. I was at the back. It started out very backed up and I was doing breast stroke for a couple lanes. Once I passed some people it was good. I was the fastest in my lane for sure (and all guys!) I think I ended up taking it easy for about 2/3 of the swim. Not great. So my swim time was 11 minutes (500 m).

Then outside for the bike. It was cool cause I was the first one out of the pool so people were sort of cheering for me and making a fuss. But I had blinders on (and no glasses - ha!) so I ran to my bike. Tried to dry off and get dressed. Got stuck in my shirt. Stupid wet bathing suit. Had a terrible transition time. Got out on my bike AFTER the radio guy (who I lapped in the pool). The bike was a lot harder than I was used to. But I did learn from my last one to take it easier on the bike. It was 5 laps around this park on this trail. First a gravel trail, which I am not used to biking on. Second it was all these small hills, not enough to bother shifting for, just kinda rough on the legs. Plus lots of turns. I guess I learned that I should practice biking on more than just the highway. Oh well. Passed a few people, got passed a couple times. Impossible to tell how you were doing because of the 5 laps. Plus some people were doing a super sprint and only had to do 3 laps. I know I pushed hard on the 4th lap, then took the 5th a little easier to catch my breath. My bike time was 30:26 (for 10K)

In the bike/run transition I just took off my coat and helmet, grabbed some water. I got in trouble though because I had earphones in ( a) I train with them and b)I don't like wind in my wet ears. I had volume super low) but I got in shit and this lady said that they weren't allowed in tri's and that in another race I'd be disqualified. Ok that's fair, however I searched all the info about the race and didn't see it written anywhere which would have been handy.

Anyway. Off on the run. It was 2 laps through some parks, along some streets and up this big hill (it was an out and back twice). I was pretty out of breath on the first out. Plus I no longer had music. It was sort of painful. Mostly mentally. The way back I tried to take note of things so I'd know where I was and how much further next out and back. Distracted me enough. One thing that was pretty cool was how everybody was all friendly. Every time I got passed the person would say "great work" or "keep it up" or something. There was this one guy, probably 40, and for some reason when he said it, it sounded like he wasn't just saying the words, like he was my personal coach and he was telling me just what I was doing right, even though he just said "good work" or something. Plus a lot of the people I passed would say the same thing. So on my second lap I started doing that too. Again, distracted me nicely. The second lap seemed much shorter and I was way more comfortable. Smiling when I talked to people. The final stretch was along the road on a nice straight stretch. It was great. I picked up the pace to a fast run (not sprint though) for the last probably 300m). People on the sides and volunteers and stuff were actually commenting on how great I was doing a final push. That felt really cool. And I finished the whole race in 1:05:23. and my run time was 23:57 (5K! THAT'S AN AWESOME TIME!!!)

So I don't think I made my goal of coming in the top half of all people. There was some very serious racers in the early heats, with total times of 44 minutes. In my age group I got 9th out of 18 women so that's the top half of that right? In the older age groups there were only serious hard core people, like I got beat by all the 40 year old men. But I think you only stay in a sport like this after 40 if you're good. Plus there were lots of beginners doing the shorter distance instead of the longer one.

So lessons? Get an accurate swim time and go in a good heat. Run between transitions. No earphones. Practice biking on mixed terrain. Practice running some hills. Encourage other competetors. Distract yourself. Stop thinking about how hard it is (at the beginning of the run) it always is but it gets better. Come with somebody else. Wait awhile before getting post race snacks. They're not taking them away.

The last 2 lessons. I was all by myself. So I got done. And then walked around alone. Boo. I pretended I was waiting for somebody still finishing the race. I also immediately got a Booster Juice which was free to racers. And some banana bread. And a bag of trail mix and a bag of gummy candies. So I chugged the booster juice instead of chugging water. I did wait awhile before I ate the other snacks. But I could have picked them up later too.

So after all that, I packed up my stuff myself, loaded my bike in the car myself. Then drove myself home. Well actually to Walmart first. Then home. I was soo wiped I maybe shouldn't have been driving. I was weirdly tired all day. I mean really, just 1:05 isn't that huge. I jog that on a weekend. I do 30-40 almost every single day. I blame the swimming. It just takes it out of me some how. Even though I'm not out of breath or that tired. And I was taking it easy for most of it. It just makes me sleepy and lazy afterwards.

but I didn't sleep. I helped SIL move out. Her new place is nice. I think they'll like it. Plus I gave her her grilled cheese kit and she thought that was so cute. And her sisters and I gave her a deep freeze for her wedding (early) so they could have it in their new place right away. Which means I have to go at noon to pay for it so they can pick it up at 3:00. Didn't want to be like "here's your present but you can't have it yet" so when they said they'd get it after she's done work I was like, "sure" But I was only going to pay for it at 4:30! oh well.

Then hubby did some shopping and I hung out. And then I planted my garden last night. Wowsa, too much work after a race. I guess that's the last less. Plan to do nothing but watch movies. And soak in a tub to get your numbers off. (permanent marker on both arms and both legs.)

Anyway, so that was my last tri for the year. (yes there were only 2, but how many have you done?) I may do these same ones again next year. It was like giving birth. I know it was really uncomfortable and yucky when I was doing it. But I forgot as soon as I did my sprint to the finish. But who knows, I've got my first 10K race next sunday, if that whole thing is enjoyable maybe I'll stick to running races.


Shannon said...

yay. good for you. you make me giggle, "but how many have you done". haha. you are cute!

Sagan Morrow said...

Great job on your race!

tash said...

Fantastic job! You did so great you should be super proud of yourself! I loved the re-cap - it felt as though I was there watching you and cheering you on!

CaRoLyN said...

Sooo proud of you! You did AMAZING! Why can't you live closer so we could do these things together? None of my friends are really interested in fitness. Boo them!
Thanks for the re-cap, it really was like we were watching you at the race!

Sonya said... are doing so well. I can't even imagine doing a tri. Good work girl!!!! Keep it up!

Angie All The Way said...

You did a phenomenal job girl, seriously awesome! I wish I could have been there to help you with your gear and cheer you on. It takes an incredible amount of guts to get out there and do that and you did it all by yourself - amazing! If you ran 5K in 23 mins, you're gonna KILL a 10k!

There's something about the excitement of the race that gets that adrenaline high so much bigger and I think there's a big crash after. You run harder, swim harder and bike harder than you ever would in practice. All I did was run a 5K and I was K-O'd for the afternoon and had to nap! lol

RYC: I'm just getting back into the exercise after a gym hiatus, so I made it 3 days in a row toward the end of my low carb week. The first day was trying intervals on the running track and I couldn't get it together to give it much gusto, but that is also likely a product of not having run since the race. Next day was some average circuit strength training, then intervals on treadmill which was a lot easier than the day before, next day was average full body strength again (only about 20 mins) and then intervals on the arc trainer. I didn't find that I had any less energy due to low carb. I had a protein shake about 45 mins before and a handfull of mixed nuts right after.

I'm getting set up with that personal trainer really soon to work more specific on the weight training and learning how to do supersets etc. which will increase that substantially. I wanted to ease into the weight training part because I knew that I'd be getting into it with the trainer.

Jen said...

*laughs* I have done NO you are a rockstar!!!

I can't believe you did all that afterwards!!! You are amazing!

Jenn said...

Congratulations Randi!!! You did a fantastic job!! Like the others - I am so proud of you!! You rock! :)

I can't believe that you did all of that afterwards - amazing woman you are.

sherijung said...

Holy S***, you did a 23:57 5K AFTER your swim and bike! You totally rock, but you know that already, right?

I was also strangely tired all day after my 10K, never felt that tired after any of my 5Ks. I think if you work that long at such a peak level of effort, it just drains you more than you'd expect.

Next time you race alone, just remember we all wish we were there too, cheering for you as you smoke on by...

Genevieve said...

Wow!! Impressive work. I am getting 'encouraged' by some folks at work to do a Tri this summer and it is called the "Try a Tri" so meant for people who haven't done one before...but it is enough of a 'race' to make me nervous - you are definitely making it seem do-able though with all your training notes and race recaps!

And yikes - you did do a lot of activity after the race. On one hand I think that is a smart move, to do light activity so that you don't stiffen up too much, but then again you need to recover too!

BTW - did you have your planned cheat after the race?? Hope it was a good reward for all that effort!

And that inspiration video you posted a few days ago - been showing it to anyone who will watch; she is my new gym hero!! WOW!

Running Knitter said...

Amazing job! Congrats!

thenewsarahsundae said...

Randi! I just found your blog and you are amazing!! GO YOU!

And I have never done a Tri and I wouldn't since I can't seem.

Rock it girl!

Sara said...

Wow you did a totally awesome job!! Sounds like it was tough and challenging and practically perfect!

Being exhausted is how you are supposed to feel b/c during a race you should be maxing yourself out - so it shows you definitely put all your effort into the race!!

So when are you planning to do another tri?

Anonymous said...

I am guessing that I am the "radio guy." Heh.

Great race.

"But I think you only stay in a sport like this after 40 if you're good."

Nope... I'm 43. I learned to swim between Novemember and now so that I could do triathlon. This was my first and I thought I was going to drown.

I'm not good. My motto is: "I am not going to win."

Rambling Dave