Monday, June 9, 2008


Hey, anybody really bad at laundry? The type of person who shrinks all their clothes and so they look like kids stuff? How do you do it?

Seriously, I need to shrink some pants.

All my great summer pants and capris and even some of my everyday jeans are kinda too big. Like they stay up, but I don't need to undo them to go to pull them down (just tried it in the bathroom - ha! and these used to be my best jeans!) I've got a lot of white pants and skirts that i'm gonna try and shrink, but other colors too, I was gonna just wash them in hot and then dry them in hot, might work right? (i usually use cold for everything, save the environment ya know). but I should probably do the white's separate right?

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Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

Seems to me that washing in hot and drying in hot is a temporary fix, however it does work.

Good luck, but great job if the pants are loose!