Thursday, June 26, 2008

I'm not even gonna talk about you know what

Yesterday I went to Walmart after work. We were completely out of garbage bags. How gross is that. We had these tiny kitchen sized ones that I was using, but a lot of stuff stayed on the cupboards. ew. So I bought them and a few other necessities. Didn't get home until about 6:30. I ate leftover lasagna because I hate to see good food go bad in our fridge. Hubby seems to forget about leftovers unless I pack them up for him for his lunch. Instead he opens a can of soup or eats a frozen pasta or something every day. boo. I had just a small piece. And then I stir-fried up a big pan of veggies (another packaged mix thing that was gonna go bad soon, wisdom teeth surgery screwed up my regular consumption). Anyway I don't use oil when I stir fry, I just spray the pan with cooking spray and then add water all the time. So it's more like steamed veggies. Anyway, threw some chicken stock and soy sauce on and ate a big pile of that too.

Hubby had come home sick at 11 (he thinks he got food poisoning the night before, though he was out drinking and playing poker so everyone at work thinks he was just hung over) but he was puking and stuff. He did feel better by supper and had some of my veggies.

So after supper I was going through the mail and stuff when I realized why I took the night off. so I got changed and did a body weight strength circuit from TT while I watched So You Think You Can Dance (I love it, they're so good). The circuit was super hard. I think you're supposed to do it 3 times but I only did 2. Then I went outside, cut the grass, hoed the garden. Came back in, did some laundry and dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Phew! Showered and bed!

tonight is gonna be packing for the weekend. I might make a cake or square or something to share (I made this awesome corn flake cake I might do again). Basically everyone from the ball team camps in MIL's yard (acreage) and hubby and I get to sleep in the house. But they've got a hot tub and all these "activities" like horseshoes and bean bags and a bunch of stuff. Bocce balls. Plus all the guys are bringing their pocket bikes (probably have 8 of them at the farm). I don't play ball, don't drink. The hot tub won't be filled (thank goodness! not ready for that yet!), don't play horseshoes. Don't each chips, or mindless snacking (right?). So really this weekend is sort of a bust for me. Everyone else is completely loaded (that's the point) pigs out (it's called Hogfest!) and plays ball. Not me. Plus, when people get that loaded it's really not that much fun to hang out with them, because even the conversations aren't interesting (things are different from their perspectives of course). I know I'm a total loser at this thing because everyone else is having a blast. But I just see all these people I grew up with and feel competetive with so I try and not look dumb, and not look like I care what they think. Basically I go through a series of poses all night (at the big cabaret, I realize I'm being very unclear).

Anyway, one pro is the weather's supposed to be great. And since i'm not playing ball I can wear my cute tube tops finally! My whole purpose this weekend will be to look good. I'm so lame.

Speaking of, I'm gonna stop eating now as I'm full. I'm eating my healthy chickpeas and the container's not empty, but I'm satisfied so I'll stop.

Eating at work has been totally controlled as I've got a memo to get out every day that keeps me pretty busy. Afternoon snack sometimes has not happened. or just a protein bar quick or something. Not leisurely picking away at 4 different fruits and yogurts (yes healthy, quantity I eat, not good).

So tonight hopefully I can get a run in. HIIT. I'm gonna bring my running stuff home, I'll feel super awesome and hard core if I go running while all these other people are hungover. I can tell them I've got a race on tuesday - which I DO!!! [HBC run for Canada if you'd like to pledge me ;)]

anyway, back to work!


Jen said...

*laughs* I love that your goal is to look good!!! Why not?? If the other stuff doesn't interest you, do something you are good at (looking hot!)

Still sounds nice to get away!!!!

Where can people pledge you for your run??

tash said...

Do a couple different outfit changes and see if anyone notices as they get drunker and drunker . . . :)

CaRoLyN said...

Make sur eyou take some pics! We need to see these cute little tube tops!
PS You're mentally insane, your more than ready for that bikini and hot tub!

Sagan Morrow said...

Hope you have a good weekend and enjoy yourself with the socializing!