Wednesday, June 4, 2008

recap for posterity

Not even sure if I'm using posterity correctly there. But it seemed to fit.

So yesterday as I mentioned I did my "bonus" run. A just for fun run. It was only 25 minutes, almost 5k. Various intervals I'll look at later. I did it right when I got home from work before supper. Worked well. Then supper was some barbeque short ribs, the ones from the PC ads actually, the korean barbeque ones. Really good. I like short ribs, lean for ribs, cook quickly. Plus I had some steamed broccoli and 1 spoonful of sidekicks (hubby likes them, I can't stand them). I also had a banana and watermelon for "dessert". Should have left off the banana in retrospect.

Spent the rest of the night cleaning up. Lots of laundry. I got a garbage bag of clothes out of my closet and drawers to give away. Stuff that doesn't fit from last summer (too big, woohoo!) or I just never wear. Plus I keep buying new clothes (just tshirts etc) so I feel like I should get rid of just as many things.

Today I had a great protein smoothie for breakfast. I've had cereal and fruit the last couple days and i just can't get food off of my mind. So the protein helped keep me full longer. Still ate my yogurt in the morning, but wasn't counting the minutes before it. Then for lunch I went to the university and ate with my sister. I had some more leftover curry and veggies and hummus. Sis gave me a cookie, I tried to have 1 bite and give it back but she said have it all, I just put it in my bag. Save it for friday I think (it's about 1/2 a cookie because she ate a bite too, weird to save 1/2 a cookie, but we're aiming for perfection right!!). But then I was unperfect moments later when I had a chocolate milk iced cap from tim hortons. I had planned on this when I was going to campus, but unfortunately didn't really eat less food and make room for it. Just looked and it was only 160 calories, so not terrible at all I guess.

Ha! Just got a call and my dad's in town and he's gonna pick me up for coffee now! I think I'll just come for a visit with my own crystal light or a diet coke. No need for 2 iced caps in 1 day! especially for a non coffee drinker! I'll be up all night!

Anyway, the plan for tonight is a TT workout. May not get the intervals in if it's raining. Might try and do some stretching/yoga since I've been stiff lately. Actually I still feel monday's TT workout in the legs and butt so that's nice. I love being sore.


Jen said...

that's impressive to save half a cookie!!!! And yeah, 2 iced capps in one day would send me into a caffeine (and sugar) frenzy!! Though I LOVE them made with chocolate milk!!!

I really want to try those short ribs...I know what I will be cooking next week!!!

tash said...

Those short ribs sound great! I love Korean food . . . I totally got addicted to it living in Korea. Great job with the saving the 1/2 cookie - that is such a victory!

MizFit said...

hope last night was fun...did you yoga? alas, I had planned to and didnt.

30 lashes with a wet protein noodle over here.