Wednesday, June 11, 2008

more brightening

I sure hope that everybody reads Half-fast. It's damn funny, whether you run or not. Just another thing to help out this funk I've caught from hubby.

Thanks for your comments ladies. I'd like to address some things from them.

First, to make it clear, it's not like little kids were out when these guys went out and they kicked them off the street (that I'm aware of at least!). And there really were neighbours watching and laughing at them and one neighbour even tried a bike. So there was no reason for these guys to think they were being annoying (except if they would have stopped for a minute and thought about it, but nobody was really glaring or saying anything). Though I stand by my opinion that maybe 2 hours should have been enough, then let the kids have the street back. (though again, nobody said anything, and there weren't kids obviously waiting).

Second - I'm with you Angie, the drunk driving thing is a big no-no. However unfortunately I'm in the minority with most of our friends. I hardly believe it! They tell drunk driving stories with no shame. I think one of these times I'm gonna call the cops anonomously on them after we leave a bar or something. Sometimes I'm praying that they hit the ditch right outside of town so they're off the road and only hurt themselves but hopefully learn a lesson. The more I think of it, I do think I'll call the cops on them, sort of some irony there as well in light of this last situation...

In this case I really doubt that any of them would have been intoxicated if they had to blow though. They maybe had 2 or 3 beer all afternoon (as far as I knew again!). the thing with these dumb bikes is you just look drunk on them. It was the lack of control on the bikes themselves, not alcohol which was making them look dangerous.

I also know that a lot of the give has to come from my side. And maybe I can do the old wife trick of making him think changing is his idea? I have learned to bite my tongue an aweful lot when hubby just needs to vent about something I don't agree with (he has to be the tough guy sometimes, and around his work people and me it's hard to switch back and forth between what's acceptable conversation.) I think my biggest problem is that hubby doesn't really even know that this is a problem for me. If I bring it up we'll have an unproductive fight where hubby's like "I can't believe you're mad at this still" (we've talked about it before but nothing got resolved) and the fight would take all these random turns (he's not a good Dr. Phil type fighter) and we'd both just be mad. I've gotta wait for him to be in a certain mood, but by then it's not on my mind any more!

Tash, I appreciate your comment "And I'm not going to say anymore because it is one thing for you to vent about someone you love and it's another thing for me to say anything." You're right, I still have to defend him. Even when he's obviously being a dink. ;)

And Jen, I agree, if it were another one of our neighbours doing it, I think even hubby would be annoyed. I really don't understand the appeal of these stupid looking things. I refuse to ride it. Hubby actually sounds more like you and I'm more like your man. Hubby's the outgoing one, that's why we're always with his friends. I'm the more educated, quieter (huh?), "sidekick" one. that's why I vent to my blog friends and am lonely in real life. (aw so sad...)

But I think it was Sheri's comment that made me feel the best for some reason.
"Sometimes it just takes men longer to finish growing up, you know?"

Yeah. he's not being dumb or gonna stay like this forever. He'll grow up eventually (hopefully soon). This whole thing, along with my friend's baby was making me really question when we could have kids. We're SOO different with different priorities and values and stuff, how could we raise a kid? But I know hubby will be a good dad, and he knows things will change when we have kids. Maybe he's just getting his immaturity out of the way first huh? sort of like a bachelor party before a wedding? An immature summer before kids?

It's funny, a friend of mine is also really immature sometimes (when he drinks, it's retarded.) and hubby can't stand him and is always telling him to grow up and venting about how he acts like he's 17 but is 29. I wonder if I can make hubby realize he's acting like he's 19 but actually 27....

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