Monday, June 23, 2008

ya know when you're insulted

because you're being critiqued about your work and basically told it's crap? And how furious you get? that's me now.

This stupid prof has had my thesis since March. I'm trying to fucking finish here! My sister started writing her thesis in March and has already defended. But no, this stupid co-supervisor of mine has had it for 3 months and I'm SURE only read it this weekend because me and my supervisor were hassling him. anyway, I asked AGAIN today, when do you think I could pick it up? And he said " yeah I'll drop it off this afternoon. This thesis needs a lot of work."

Fuck you.

First of all. If it needed a lot of work, don't you think I would have liked to get it back a long time ago to still give myself time to get the stupid work done? If things don't progress REALLY fast starting now, I'm looking at another full year of tuition and not convocating until next spring. fuck you.

SECOND, it does not need a lot or work because my MAIN supervisor and I have been over it a dozen times and he said it was ready for committee but maybe I should let this co-supervisor asshole look at it first as a courtesy. And you could say well sure but maybe my main sup is a slacker and this other dude is strict, but it's the other way around. PLUS, this co-sup guy disagreed with the whole project from the beginning but because it's got industry connections, I didn't do any of the design or whatever that he was mad at, only the monitoring and conclusions on what was already there. So I think he's taking out his annoyance with the industry decisions on me. Asshole.

It needs a lot of work huh? What happened to 2 weeks ago when you replied and said you were nearly finished and that it looked good with just a couple things I'll want to change? Did I screw up the last few pages so bad? Or did you maybe not look at it at all until 17 fucking hours ago and couldn't fucking understand it so blamed me?


I'm so mad. I can't wait to pick it up and see just what kind of corrections he wants me to do. Then I'm ready to cry as I realize that he's still a co-supervisor so I sort of have to do what he says. Hopefully I can get my main supervisor to talk to him about anything that's unreasonable.

Maybe if this assfuck had given me any direction over the last 4 years or showed any interest in the project since the first committee meeting when we talked about what classes I was going to take, then he wouldn't be so suprised by the direction my thesis took.

Plus what kind of a thing to say is that? Even if it was shit you could still show courtesy and say "there are some areas that need some work but you have really nice font" or any fucking positive thing. This guy is such a dink.

I needed this to be out to committee by the end of this week! He's gonna pay my next fucking tuition.


Sara said...

breath just breath.

Especially if he isn't on your commitee (or is he and I just didn't read it). Remember you don't have to make any changes - you just have to be ready to defend why you didn't.

Justin had a lot of the same timing issues. I was lucky.

By the way - what is your topic?

Maybe go to a boxing class tonight - punch out the rage!!!

tash said...

Can you still present even if he isn't satisfied? He just watches the defence and doesn't have input into that, right?

I hate stupid profs!

MizFit said...

I wont even give you the BREATHE IT WILL ALL BE OK platitude only because I dont respond well to it.

and have had the same type of experience when getting my masters degree and F*** was pretty much my mantra then.


(too platitude-y? :))

Bi0nicw0man said...

This seems like the prime oppotunity to pull out my favorite term: "Fucktard".

CaRoLyN said...

Yikes. She's pissed!

(rightfully so)

eurydice said...

wow that is a huge bummer. maybe he still hasn't read much and it will turn out for the best. i hate when profs put things off - that is their job!!!

Angie All The Way said...


How important is this guy's opinion? Are you more condident in what your supervisor's perspective on it was?