Monday, June 16, 2008

I hate coming up with titles

So the weekend was fun-ish. But bad. here's the scoop:

Friday I went shopping before going home. yay! I bought some cute tube tops and a strapless bra ($5 each and then $8.50! Score!) I love suzy shier. Basically I just wear their t-shirts and tanks every single day. And they're always on clearance so I stock up.

Anyway, then when I got home, packed the dog's bag (it's like a diaper bag!) and mine and we were off! We picked up subs on the way home. I had no cheese and just honey mustard. so good all there. But I had 12". bad.

Get home eventually. And it's visiting with my parents time. We just talked and everyone else drank. No comments were made about me not drinking. I do think they're thinking it's related to pregnancy (either we're trying or I am but not saying yet - which isn't true in case you thought it too!) but whatever. I had my fill of diet coke.

Saturday, since it was a big ball tourney we went for a free pancake breakfast in town. I had 2 pancakes with syrup, 3 little sausages (which I shouldn't have, quite greasy) and a bunch of fruit. I would have loaded up on fruit more but the little old ladies were serving and there wasn't a lot of fruit on the platter and they loaded the pancakes and sausage on not asking how many you'd like (mine was the "woman" serving, the man was 3 pancakes and 5 sausages, funny).

Then hubby had ball. M&D and I tried to hang out and show up half way through, but I guess they started late so we saw the beginning. They were kicking butt so we left after 2 innings. I am not much of a fan of visiting with the small town people who all know me but not really. Lots of the "where are you working?" and then they don't understand the answer anyways. and "no babies yet?" (like people from my summer job 6 years ago, or grandparents of kids I went to school with, sheesh!) Then there's awkward hugs with girls I used to play volleyball with but haven't really spoken to since then. There was a funny thing, I was leaving the diamond with Daisy and passed this girl from high school (seriously hadn't seen her in 7 years) and she's like "Hey Randi, is that you're dog?" and I said "Hey Charity, yeah. Is that your baby?" and then she was like "yeah" and we both kept walking. funny.

Anyway, got a round of golf in with my folks (well 7 holes) while hubby's playing ball ALL DAY. I was having a crappy round and sometimes just really don't like golf. We walk when we golf so that's some exercise at least. 2 hour walk. Then watched golf on tv and just hung out until like 7:00 when hubby finally finished and we went to his nephew's birthday party (only 4 hours late, and I had to explain that on the phone to SIL. grr..)

So I hadn't had supper yet, and she still had all the stuff out. I didn't have a burger or cake or anything. I had some potato salad and probably 2 cups of cherries. I snacked on various fruit and veggies and dip and pickles or whatever. But I ate a LOT of cherries. yum. Because it was out all night I ate more than I should have. I should have loaded up a plate and ate it all then been done. But I never really felt done since all I did was nibble all night. But still it was just fruit and veggies.

Eventually go to bed. I just wasn't feeling the visiting much. Sunday morning I wake up and go for my long run with the Dog. Yay! it wasn't all that long, and it was much slower and more breaks than usual. Daisy was tired from wrestling with the other dog all weekend so I was dragging her the whole time. Plus she kept wanting to smell things like mice holes along the road. She's such a city dog. Anyway, about 7 or 8 kms. I can't remember. (Garmins are great for running where new places, I would have done only 4 and thought it was far before).

Then got dressed up for the baptism. Barely enough time to shower and dry my hair. But I looked really cute. No pictures though, sorry. Mass and then the baptism. Sam was soo good! She was smiling at the priest the whole time. Didn't even cry with the water. (aparently she had crapped her pants GOOD as soon as it started, SIL thought it might have gone through the diaper onto the gown. ha!) I was the official photographer and went nuts. not my camera and they had given it to me on "auto" but that was taking bad pictures (dark, flash not good enough in the church) so I played with it and found good settings. It's a really cool camera but I bet they use auto all the time. waste.

Anyway, then the food fest happened. It was buns and meat and more fruit and veggies and cakes and cookies. I ate it all. I won't get into it. But it was also out all afternoon. So I just kept munching. My tummy hurt, felt like it was bursting. but then there was a new dip opened. I did stick mostly to the fruits and veggies. However there was a couple cookies and cakes in there too. But even if your eating celery, eating until it hurts is bad.

That couldn't be all either. Then we roasted some hotdogs on a fire (how fun! you forget stuff like that!) for supper. And cleaned up more of the leftovers from the birthday party. sheesh!

Finally rolled home at 9:30, unpacked a bit and then hit the hay. Hubby had to work early today so I don't know if he shut the alarm off or what, because I ended up sleeping in until 7:50 and I leave at 8:00. I managed to make it hear in time though! with lunch and everything! yay! I still had sleep creases on my face when I got here though! ha!

I'm going to buy some groceries after work. Load up on the fruits, but more so the veggies. and chicken breasts. my latest issue of Women's Health had like 99 ways to (easily) cook chicken breast, all take like 30 minutes. I'm gonna try and eat nothing but chicken breasts and fruits and veggies. (not like strict or anything, but just chicken and veggie focused ya know?). Seriously. the scale was up. The last 2 weeks haven't been pretty and there's no reason for it (or am I somehow coping with emotional things through food? hmm...I'm not an obvious emotional eater, but maybe subconsciously....)

anways, today work is actually keeping me busy. I also have a short week, thurs and friday off because I'm getting my wisdom teeth out. (yay?) Might help the diet though huh? Nothing but protein shakes for 2 days? Gonna pile the workouts in early this week since I probably won't feel like it later.


CaRoLyN said...

YAY Chicken and veggies. That is mainly going to be my diet for the next 2 weeks, except at lunch time there is a carb thrown in like pasta or rice.
I soo need to get that article. I need to get creative with my chicken or else I'll get boared. I've also picked up some Halibut....know any good recipes?

My weekend wasn't great either and it involved Delisio pizza AND ice cream, and chips & dip. NOT good at all. I need to refocus. I'm just not happy with my body so I need to do something about it!

At least you got in some exercise on the weekened!

Jen said...

I don't ever get really bored with foods, so chicken and veggies sounds good to me!!! But I agree, I definitely need to be creative with it (like different spices or different ways of cooking it) but what better opportunity to experiment, right??

Your weekend sounded pretty good up to the baptism!! It might only take a couple of good days to get back to where you were!!!

Angie All The Way said...

Can't go wrong with chicken & veggies that's for sure! Make sure you put a few honourable mentions of your favourite recipes.

Getting in a run is awesome and it probably knocked out at least half of those calories easy.

Angie All The Way said...

oh yeah, I laughed out loud about the passing by "is that your dog, is that your baby" lol

tash said...

Where'd you get the strapless bra? I need to go bra shopping soon :(

MizFit said...

and nothing but protein shakes?

you KNOW Id love the excuse :)

have any PB2 in the house to put in?
or plain ole organic pbutter?


Candace said...

Yeah, Hey Randi, nice post. (In keeping with the non-chalant attitude you exhibit)

Oh - and I need a strapless too - where'd ya get it.