Monday, June 2, 2008

Monthly goals - remember them?

So I'm gonna do my JUNE goals! Another month is gone by and we're all older and thinner (?) but I at least am not where I wanna be! So where do I wanna be by the end of JUNE?

1. Compete in 10K race June 8th!

2. After June 8th, focus on TT, except for weekly long runs (for the next 10K on July 1st!)

3. Keep up only 3 cheats/bad foods per week. (in case you were wondering mine were the too big sub on friday, treats at the farmer's market with my sister, and supper at A&W as post race victory, perhaps the post race jelly beans should count but I'm counting them as refueling from a race and separate.)

4. Eat organized meals. Now that SIL is gone, I have to get back into the practice of prepping big meals on weekend for lunches and just square meals for supper.

Results I wanna see?
1. run 1st 10K race, sub 1 hour time. Not too tough of a goal, but I might be running with my friend and don't need to compete with her. Second race will have a better goal.

2. Lose 1 inch from abs. This probably corresponds to losing 5 lbs? I just made that up. If I get either of those goals that's good. though both eventually is what I want.

3. Look good in new bikini!!! Which will be worn at the end of the month in the hot tub at in-laws with all our friends for Hogfest. This will also correspond to looking good in some short shorts and tube tops or something which I will also wear.

Reward for getting under 135 lbs, SHOPPING!!!

Month in numbers, I want:

12 HIIT sessions
12 Strength sessions
4 long runs
8 other workouts - swims, bikes, other jogs etc.
10 meals of a salad/veggie main course

Gonna print that out on a calendar I think. I like the idea of just crossing them off one by one. I think it will help.

Gotta say, I'm glad this tri business is over. I don't have to force myself on the bike or to the pool anymore. Not enjoying the swims and bikes by the end.


tash said...

Great goals and totally achievable!

Jen said...

I agree, COMPLETELY achievable!!!

It is so much easier to cook and what not when there is only two of you!!!

MizFit said...

THANK YOU FOR BEING HONEST and saying you didnt enjoy em at the end----Id imagine i would completely be the same way.


Angie All The Way said...

Yup, you got it all covered - nail it all down on the calendar and there's no way you won't do it. 135 is soooo friggin' close!