Thursday, June 5, 2008

Have I mentioned lately...

how good I feel? And the body confidence I've got? I'm sure tomorrow will be a fat day because I said that but hey, today's good. I'm wearing jeans that are normally too tight (granted they are due for a wash, that'll tighten them back up), I check out my tummy everytime I go to the bathroom and am SUPER pleased with my profile (head on, I've got high hips so I don't get the greatest narrow waist thing, just a body-type issue, looks good in super low rise things not a big deal). I'm thinking of going shopping (damn you Tash!) but I really really don't need anything. Work is so casual I just wear jeans and t-shirts. But I just got rid of a whole pile of clothes I feel like I should replace (it was too big). Summer stuff from last year. But I want to wait 5 more pounds till I'm at goal and then go really nuts.

I did really good on the eats today too:

- kashi go lean crunch with 1/2 a banana - that is a big deal for me, I've never left half a banana. I'd say bananas are my favorite food, maybe second to cookies.
- morning snack - 2 slices of lean chicken breast (like sandwich meat)
- lunch - more chick pea curry, 1/3 of a cantaloup melon, 1 cup strawberries
- afternoon snack - veggies and spicy hummus (I didn't realize that the crushed red pepper would make it get hotter with time, it's almost unbearable now!)
- supper will be polynasian satay (which is the yummiest thing I cook, it's a beef slow cooker dish that is so easy it's dumb, basically just like a teriyaki sauce, soy sauce and brown sugar and garlic.) I think I'll also cook up some green beans. No starch for me, maybe rice for hubby. I just don't miss it enough to need it.
- dessert - other half of my banana. Like the way that worked out! Maybe with cinnamon, no peanut butter though!

then if I feel snacky I'll just drink green tea or something. I find that if I have just 1 strict day, low cal, low starchy carb (my version of low carb at least, I still go nuts on the fruit etc, just not much bread etc) I feel thinner and the scale usually shows me that too. And if the scale shows it, then I'm motivated a little more for another couple days.

I guess this weekend is the local ball tournament (we live in a small town outside the city, so we get to do a lot of the small town things) and hubby has to work saturday, I don't play ball, but our house gets to be head quarters for our team. So that will mean a barbeque with burgers and chips and so on, but I'm not really gonna be home for much of that I'm hoping. All the same, any extra motivation through the weekend will help.

Oh yeah, I've got my 10 k this weekend right? And for a reward (since I like to do that still for races, it's not like I race every day.) Depending what's at the post race snack thing, I'm gonna stick to just that stuff, but I can have whatever I want there (granola bars, gummy bears, trail mix, juice boxes are common sights). And if it's hot out I can get an iced cap too.

Anyway - what am I still doing here! It's home time!


tash said...

I say go shopping! It is sooo much fun :)

MizFit said...

have a good race.



Angie All The Way said...

I LOVE that feeling and I'm feeling it right now. Staying away from the starchy carbs has almost made me feel like I've let go of all the "extra gunk" making me feel bloated.

I think you absolutely deserve a reward after each and every race you're in, no matter how many there are. That's just awesome.

Your menu looks awesome. I am loving drinking green tea these days too. And if there's a Timmy's run on the go, getting one from Tim's feels like a "treat" and it does feel like a "snack." I never ever thought that day would come :-)

ashley said...

Wooohooo! Best of luck with the race!