Thursday, June 5, 2008

a day

So yesterday I made a big move and didn't eat half a cookie. But then my dad and brother took me out for coffee and I ate 1/3 of a white chocolate brownie from Moxie's. So I guess it's a good thing I didn't eat that cookie! I did not have any afternoon snack and supper was just peanut butter toast and some strawberries. So I think my overall calories for the day didn't suffer. The nutrient breakdown did as I was pretty carb heavy. Again, good thing I had the protein breakfast. Things worked out I guess.

today I stepped on the scale and saw a new low - 136.2. That 135 is just taunting me! oh well, it's coming, slowly but surely. I usually weigh on thursday and friday and take the lower, sometimes it's high because of weights on wed. Anyway we'll see. I'm gonna try and have a light day, just to trick my body into giving me that new number. I know I'm not really gonna lose any serious fat in one day, but maybe just less food in my stomach can trick the scale. And if I trick the scale it may trick my mind. Not that it really matters of course. And I'm not going to do anything silly like not eat or whatever. But just watch it a little more closely today. We'll see. It may be up too. I know all week I've been seeing like 138 or 139 so I was actually suprised by the 136. TOM bloat disappearing too I guess.

I did not do yoga last night as I decided to do my HIIT anyway. Did the TT weights. It's only been 2 weeks but I'm going to switch to a new program already. I've got tons of them (diff tt workouts) available and they suggest switching it up every 4 weeks. But i'm gonna do 2 weeks just because my body really adapts quickly to things. Plus i'm not upping the weight like I think I should be (if I were in a gym it would help, but I've gotta switch too many plates etc). I might do another strength thing tonight because I don't want to do one fri, or sat because sunday is my 10k. I guess if I'm feeling up to it I can do one sunday night. But I doubt it.

For some reason even though my TT workouts only take 1 hour, 3 times a week. I'm finding that all I'm doing in the evenings is workout. Maybe just because it happens from 7 until 8 and then after 8:00 I feel like I can't start anything because it's almost bedtime. Plus i've been doing a lot of house cleaning, trying to get organized again and on top of dishes and laundry etc. Last night I cleaned the basement a little bit (where we have a million half packed boxes still from our move, waiting to be gone through and given away/chucked or else waiting for the basement to be finished and put away (like decorative things for the basement, or stuff for the bar or storage room like sports equiptment). I got rid of a few boxes of stuff and just stacked everything better so it's not an obsticle course.

I think part of the reason it seems to take up so much time is because I do it every night. On my off TT nights I still run or whatever. And my off days are happening friday saturday sunday when there's other things going on and I don't just relax. Well not quite true, I have been workout out on the weekend, they've just been races or long runs and for some reason I'm not counting them. Gonna change that. plus there's no reason I can't workout friday. I rarely have plans on friday night and end up just watching tv (me=loser?). So I think I'm going to try and take a tuesday or thursday off each week just to scrapbook or garden or something. Things that don't happen on my weekend days off. Just not watching tv (nothing's on anyway that's any good).

So I don't know what that means for today. Whether i'm gonna run or not. ANOTHER problem is that i'm doing intervals or hard workouts every workout. If I do run today, there will be no intervals, just a nice fun run. And short. No goals (I always try and go at least 30 minutes or at least 5k or at least 4 intervals or at least such a pace.) this one is opposite, less than 30 minutes, no fast pace, less than 5k, no intervals. If I do that as soon as I get home today before supper I'll still have all night to chill.


Angie All The Way said...

Evenings are tight for me too when they are gym days. By the time I get home, have supper, clean up supper, it's 8-ish and barely enough time to relax and prep for next day meals etc. BUT on the other hand, I found that when I went period of time skipping workouts, it was graze and much city in my kitchen after supper which was NOT a good thing.

RYC: You're totally right about the Jimmy Smith low car thing - thanks.

Jen said...

Good call with the cookie!! Those brownie things are difficult to resist!!!

I hate working out in the evenings now just because I have so much other crap to do...and I haven't done anything crafty in a LONG time...except for last minute cards and whatnot...I think I need to take a page from your book and take a "me" night...that is a great idea!!

Sagan Morrow said...

Spending that bit of time in the evenings to clean and organize can be so relaxing and can really contribute to a good mood. It's the doing it part that takes me a while!

I've recently discovered the Big Ben Brownie at Elephant & Castle... its almost as good as Moxie's white chocolate brownie. Only its unfortunately much bigger. I'm powerless against all these brownies!

JavaChick said...

Figuring out when to fit out the workouts can be a challenge. For a while I tried getting up early, but I am SO NOT a morning person, and then I was having to go to bed I felt like I came home from work, ate supper and went to bed. Now I'm working out in the evenings and I come home from work, eat supper & workout, then go to bed. I've resigned myself to the fact that my evening is going to be short, one way or the other.

I do find that I sleep better when I work out, compared to evenings when I don't, so that's a plus.